Summit 2016


Kathmandu, July 27 - August 9, 2016

Young filmmakers and social activists from 25+ different countries will gather in Kathmandu, Nepal from July 27 to August 9 for the 11th annual International Youth Media Summit. This will be the first time the Summit has been held in Asia and the choice of Nepal as host country has generated a great deal of excitement as we embark on a new decade of building bridges through media and action.

Why Nepal?

It is commonly known that Nepal suffered a devastating earthquake in the Spring of 2015.  Just three months after the earthquake, Sapan Hamal of Public Access Nepal arrived in Belgrade, Serbia for the 10th IYMS and served as the first delegate from Nepal in the 10 year history of the organization.  While there, Sapan gathered donations from the international delegates to build temporary schoolhouses in Nepal, something he and his friends had devoted themselves to since the earthquake left thousands of children without schools. Sapan was motivated by his experience at the Summit to bring the event to his home country; this idea has quickly turned into reality as Public Access Nepal now serves as host and sponsor for the 2016 Summit. 

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