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Special Maintenance


"Special Maintenance" is the image realized by the illustrator Marco Zaini when he has taken part in 6th International Illustration Competition "We are the future".

Author's description:
"Man plays with Earth, but he doesn't understand that it is all everything he has.
It's important that our sons/daughters can enjoy it; they can safeguard this treasure. We built our future, but prospects are no so conforting.
How can we preserve the Earth? Which is the duty of adults? What can we teach to our children?
We can show them how nature gives us everything we need to live! 
We must come back to the healthly fundamentals; we must live the nature with our sons and daughters; we have to learn from the world and we have to be the first to learn, to know, to respect. 
Loving biodiversity means loving ourselves and our cultural and ethnic differences. It is the only way by which the new generations can say "We are the future".