Acting Company Roggero

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Since 1992 the Acting Company has produced plays with muppet, clowns and actors. It organizes workshops of structure, animation, theatre, for both children and adults. Since 1994 it has been included in the program of theatral network for young people of Lombardia Region, Culture and Information Field; moreover it cooperates with the Municipality of Milan and il Research Centre of European Community.


From an idea by Gabriella Roggero
Text: Gabriella Roggero, Roberto Scala, Giorgio Rizzi and Franca Perini
Direction: Roberto Scala, Giorgio Rizzi e Gabriella Roggero
Music: Giorgio Rizzi
Set Design: Giorgio Rizzi and Gabriella Roggero
Gabriella Roggero

Natalì is a tale about a child born exactly there... in that part of the world where the sky is more blue and the sea has thhe colour of emerald.
But mother and father said that they must leave... will it be like a holiday?

The tale tells about the trip of a family that must go far from home looking for a better life. About a child born in a place without future; she is forced by events and she will live a personal journey
of growth and adaptation.
It's a history about a village where children will take back the joy of living in order to build a world where nobody feel a stranger.

The set is made by structures that change in view and an actress/narrator that animates big puppets interchanging them with muppets in a magic and involving history. The tale tell about theme like: migration, multiethnicity, aceptance of stranger, integration, loneliness, growth and the relationship between child/aged people.