• Children from 3 to 14 years of age can participate, with an individual or a group work.
  • The theme of the competition, the support, the technique and the size are free.
  • You may photocopy the participation form.
  • Fill in the participation form and stick it on the back of the drawing.
  • The drawings will become a property of the “Fondazione Malagutti onlus” which reserves the right to use.
  • The drawings of the winner children and the prizes will be published on the web site
  • Send it within October 31st 2012 to:

    Draw and win. A prize a month!
    Among all participants each month a prize draw: toys and training aid.
Scheda di partecipazione Fiche de participation Participation form FICHA DE PARTICIPACIÓN Bunte Rechte BOLETIM DE PARTICIPAÇÃO
Participation form [pdf]
Poster Poster Poster Poster Poster Poster
Poster [pdf]
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