Itinerant Festival
June 14th – 25th November 2012

 conference press, Foyer of Sociale Theater of Mantua Fondazione Malagutti onlus its Community for Minors presented on 14th June at the Foyer of Sociale Theater of Mantua the XI° edition of the International Drawing Competition “Colourful Rights”, Itinerant Festival.
At the conference press attended: the President of the Fondazione Malagutti onlus Mr. Giovanni Malagutti, organizers of “Colourful Rights” Ms. Serena Spadini and Ms. Silvia Ferri, the town councillor of Mantua Mr. Enzo Tonghini, the local education authority Mrs. Francesca Bianchessi, the President of the provincial Committee of UNICEF Mrs. Edda Gandolfi, as representative of the Italian Red Cross Mr. Roberto Tarana, for B.A.C.A (Bikers Against Child Abuse) Mr. Paolo Sorio.
There were also some representatives regarding entities which collaborate with “Colourful Rights”: for the Association Club Virgiliano – Mr. Stefano Azzali, for the F.I.S.M. (Italian Federation of Infant Schools) - Sister Maria Donata, Mr. Pierangelo Ferrara – Director of Number One Radio - Millenote Radio - Video Bergamo.

The initiative, which promotes children’s rights, wants to sustain the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, signed on 20th  November 1989, Universal Children’s Day.

This edition promotes Rights which safeguard children against any kind of violence, abuses, exploitations (artt. 19 and 20 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child); the convention affirms, in case of necessity, the creation of social programs directed to provide all the support whose the child needs. In case of detachment from his family , the Government has to define a solution, thinking of the importance in the guaranteeing a continuity in his education, his ethnical, religious, cultural and linguistic origin.

The participation to the Competition is addressed to children who are from 3 to 14 years old and
children must attach the form of participation filled and signed by a parent.
Theme, technique and format for the realization of the drawings are completely free.
The drawings, made individually or in group, must be sent at Fondazione Malagutti onlus, within October 31st 2012 as reported in the website www.dirittiacolori.it

“Colourful Rights” will organize on the Italian territory initiatives addressed to children, including: teachers, libraries, bookshops, children shops, parents associations, cultural associations, artistic associations,  social services of the city on the national territory.
Thanks to volunteers and human organizations the initiative will be diffused all over the world, giving a particular attention towards these Countries in which there is a war.
All the drawings sent will be selected by a Jury composed by experts in infant art: in the month of October, weekly this jury will have a meeting at the Fondazione Malagutti onlus. The selected drawings in each region  will participate at the Final selection which will be in Mantua.
Since this year we aim at inquiring all the entities which want to collaborate with “Colourful Rights” to share and sign the Manifesto: in this way it is possible to underwritten their involvement towards child’s world and this involvement must be concretized through an action each year for children (the purchasing of a pc for a school, a wheelchair for a disabled child, toys for children).
To “Colourful Rights” can join institutional entity, schools, associations, companies, parish… Underwriting the Manifesto, people can be a part of the Network about “Colourful Rights”, that is a social net which aims at spreading useful information for people working in the field of childhood.

11th edition wants to give more attention to those schools who, in these years, have always shown their involvement, creativity in the Competition, building real artistic projects which have been considered excellent by the jury.
For this reason we chose a school representing each class of age:
baby 3-5 years Infant School of Castellaro Lagusello,Village of Mantua
junior 6-10 years San Giuseppe Institute of Sassuolo, Village of Modena
senior 11-14 years School nr. 9 of Soligorsk in Byelorussia
To these schools it will be reserved a space during the final ceremony and this space will be an exposition of their works, becoming an example for other schools which want to participate at the competition.

In the previous edition “Colourful Rights” promoted 70 initiatives  on national territory involving libraries, artistic and cultural associations, centre of documentation for children, scout groups and Villages.
Final Ceremony with exhibition, performance, and award ceremony at the al PalaBam of Mantua on 25th November p.v.
Other events will be communicated by www.dirittiacolori.it

Promotional material of the Competition, posters and form of participation, will be available in these languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.  
All the information regarding the press will be included inside our website www.dirittiacolori.it, where it is possible to download the form of participation in these languages: Arabic, Chinese, Mandarin, Hindi, Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian  and Moldavian.

The winning Illustrator Laura Berni with her illustration named “Cooking art do it yourself” won the 4th International illustration Competition “Nothing to do with it”, organized by Fondazione Malagutti onlus in partnership with Italian Association of Illustrators.

The final Ceremony, with the exhibition of the drawings will be on 25th November 2012 at the PalaBam here in Mantua. The first absolute prize is a stay of a week in an European Resort for 3 people (changeable in things having the same value, if winning children come from countries in difficulty). Many prizes for all the participants will be offered by companies which are our sponsor

The Competition “Colourful Rights ”obtained: the Patronage of the President of Lombardia Region, the Patronages of Italian Representative of European Commission, Italian Guarantor of the Childhood and Adolescence, Italian Committee of Unicef, Italian Red Cross, City of Mantua, Province of  Mantua, City of Curtatone, A.N.C.I. (Italian National Association of Cities) F.I.M.P. (Italian Federation of Pediatric Doctors), C.I.S.M.A.I. (Service Italian Committee against mistreatment and abuses on the children), RAI for the Social.

Association of Infant centre Baby Kinder Park - A.I.B. (Italian Association of Libraries), A.Ge Italian Association of Parents, Ibby Italy (No-profit organization promoting the infant literature). Ai.Bi (Association of Friends of Children) –Association of Illustrators, B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse), The Calcio Balilla Sport, la Feltrinelli, National Association Father divorced, Poliespanso, Rete Sicomoro.

Acknowledgements: Alfaomega –Virgiliana Association- Atala - Bottoli schiacciatine - Cartotecnica Favini Fondazione Comunità Mantovana Onlus - F.I.L.A. - Giochi Preziosi – Granarolo - Haribo - Mattel  Peg Perego - Roberto Sport - Toys Center.

Media Partner: Gazzetta di Mantova – Boomerang – Carton Network – LA 7 – La 7D - Radio 105 – Radio Montecarlo Radio Virgin - Radio Number One - Radio Mille Note - Telecolor Primarete Lombardia – Video Bergamo.

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