X Edition (2011) - Image

The Peruvian illustrator Richolly Rosazza has won the first prize of Illustration Competition “Warm….Hot….Boiling Hot”. The first classified work titled “Open the doors”.

Richolly Rosazza - Aprite le porte -

Illustration shows: "In the foreground, a voice like the Pied Piper calls children to open all the doors for discovering funny night animals hidden in cellars or flying dreams among clouds."
(Richolly Rosazza)

“Work has been chosen because of its interpretation of the title through surreal situations: the play meaning joins  the theme “Warm…hot…boiling hot” to the childhood world. Sky communicates serenity and breath; it gains a main role in composition. Children on stair is the focus of the whole image and represents the metaphor of growth.”

(Dario Albini)