8th Edition (2009) - Illustrator

Valentina Grassini

Valentina Grassini

I was born in Milan in the hot summer on 1981.

After getting qualification at “Istituto Magistrale Carlo Tenca” in Milan, my studies went on in drawing subjects and humorist comic strip. (Comic strip School, Savona Street, Milan).

With my passion in colouring, I paint wherever I am.

I’m working in drawing and illustration field: picture for web animation, illustrations for children books as well as I’m painting Geronimo Stilton; I’ve also taught myself “Colours Theory and Technical Painting” at the Comic Strip School.

Among all these jobs I realize my own paintings (my exhibition is in Nuremberg, Germany) or little craftworks. (Milan, Pistoia).

In my little free time I like to cook cakes and biscuits; I’m used to my inseparable bicycle and I love swimming.



Le “petit Mongolfier” came from a simple idea reading the theme of the competition: “flying kids”.

Now I could tell many things about that painting, but in that moment I’ve associated the verb “to fly” with the word “freedom”.

People can fly in many ways: by plane, with a couple of wings, carried by wind, on a kite, hanging a balloon,…but I choose a hot air balloon because when I was a little baby I always imagined it as a way to find freedom.

When you are inside the balloon’s basket, your arms and legs are free, you mustn’t hang a rope or you aren’t sitting in a box with your hands grabbing the wheel….furthermore you can feel the breeze caressing your face: this is my idea of freedom.

Colours are similar to those of candies and as this picture is dedicated to children, it must remember to them a sweet moment…and…..who doesn’t like sweets?

Everyone can see whatever he wants in this illustration; I see myself, when I was a little baby, flying sweetly in the sky.