8th Edition (2009) - Award Ceremony

Elisabetta del Medico - Presenter and model


Centro Teatrale Corniani is the tradition of Corniani's family, who are skilled in Puppetr y


Il Gabibbo - Tv character for Striscia la Notizia and Paperissima








On Sunday 22nd November

from 3 p.m. at Palabam in Mantova we will discover the winner drawing.

Children will visit the exhibition of all their drawings with parents and friends.

There, they will enjoy a tasty snack and the show of Centro Teatrale Corniani; furthermore they will meet the special guest Gabibbo.

The event will be hosted by Elisabetta del Medico.


Alfaomega Associazione Volontari - From 1990 Alfaomega gives hospitality and aids people and teenagers AIDS sufferers. Help-line and prevention campaigns.
AMELIA dresses children from 0 to 8 years of age rivisiting the classic models of clothing  and with the use of current and confrtable fabrics and natural yarns.
Arrigoni Valtaleggio - We choose to stay in mountain so we can give to you cheese up to your desires.
Associazione Illustratori - The web portal of italian illustration.
Atala - The company makes home fitness, bicycles, clothes and accessories.
Atman Communication - TV and entertainment.
Baby Bazar - The kid second hand market becomes a clothes shop
Bottoli bread production
Centroscuola - Products for school and office.
Erbesi - For today's children…and tomorrow 's vip.
Faiplast Action Sport - Faiplast Action  Sport makes all sort of toys: for infancy, musical games, wooden and plastic toys.
F.I.L.A. - Fila is the leader company in Italy in making writing instruments, art supplies and tools for self expression.
Fondazione Comunità Mantovana onlus - Fondazione della Comunità della Provincia di Mantova - Charity and utility activities
Giochi Preziosi - The best toys for children and teens.
Haribo - Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo.
Il Pensatoio - books, library, pensatoio, mantua, books selling, boutique, milk, cheeses, baskets, edison.
La Calcio Balilla Sport Brescello - Brescello Sporting amauteurish association.
La Feltrinelli - Books, films and music, DVD and CD.
La Nuova Faro - Faro is the wonderful game company which has been making  toys and games for more than 60 years  between innovation and tradition.
Linea Ottica - optical, glasses and contact lens.
MantovaBanca 1896 - The bank of people and traditions spread all over the territory; it works for the economic development and the growth of local communities.
Mattel - The world's premier toy brands.
Oxford Disegno - A new web site developped to inform the customers on all the activities and news about this new collection.
Pallino & Co. - Pallino:advertising and communication agency in Padova.
Peg Perego - Peg Perego’s world-renowned line of strollers, infant car seats and high chairs known for their sophistication, style, safety and comfort.
Plastwood - As the creator of  the magnetic construction toys, we have always been focused on providing only the highest quality, safest products for children of all ages.
Poliespanso - Poliespanso srl: polystyrene technology in building field
Sperlari - Sperlari is a leader company in making nougat, torroncino, pralines, candies.
Toys Center - Giochi Preziosi shops where you can find games and toys for your children.