7ème Édition: Concours National de Dessin

Simone Frasca e GiulioSimone Frasca



Street: B. Latini 61
50133 - Firenze
tel/fax 055-5048402





I’m a writer and illustrator for children literature and I am working with many publishing houses (Piemme, Giunti, Dami, E. Elle, Edt/Giralangono, Feltrinelli, D’Anna, Mandragora, etc.). I also work as a consultant, (author, illustrator, and writer) for public utilities.
My most famous character is: Bruno lo Zozzo (Piemme) adopted as a mascot by Paediatric Hospital Meyer of Florence and by web site of its playroom “Taking of the tablet”
I have been organizing meetings of animation literature since 10 years in order to promote my books in the schools.


Books pubblished as author:
• Minaccia dallo spazio 1991 Fatatrac
• Bruno lo zozzo * (1995), Piemme. (Winner of European Picture Books Collection Award 1996.
• Renato e la TV dei pirati (1997) Piemme. (come 3rd at 15th national editionof “Alpi Apuane Poetry and Fairy-tale” 1997).
• Bruno lo zozzo e la dieta mostruosa (1998) Piemme.
• Clara nella nebbia (1997) E.Elle. (enclosed with international teens letterature)
• "White Raven - International Youth Library 1998"
• Ma dov'è il carnevale? (2000) Piemme
• Parla, Rodrigo! 2001 Feltrinelli
• Bruno lo zozzo e il Panettonesauro (ottobre 2002) Piemme
• Bruno lo zozzo e l’invasione degli amici invisibili (2005)
• Sono nato così! ( 2006) Giunti
• I Facoceri fanno le... Piemme ( uscita marzo 2008)