7th Edition: National Drawing Competition

Image 2008

Felicio is a special dragon, as his name suggests.
Certainly he has a beautiful tail and a fantastic crest like all the dragons; he spits fire out and if he made a diet he could also fly.
Then, why is Felicio special? Felicio keeps a treasure. This is a thing all dragons do: it is written in the second paragraph of national contract, all dragons must respect.
Generally, treasures are mountains of diamonds or falls of golden coins hidden in deep caves.
But, first of all, Felicio suffers from rheumatisms so he would better not stay in caves.
Secondly he is allergic to diamonds: if he looks at only a coin his body will become full of little red points.
So, how can Felicio be protected? Five multicolor little stars. A day, Felicio found them on the ground, tradden on and cover by dust.Treasure hinters trampled on them with their horses, lance in rest, without noticing them. By that day these stars have been flying in Felicio’s home (a little house near the sea where his doctor suggested him to move because of rheumatisms) and he considers them the most important treasure.
Every morning, at his door many children come to look at the five little stars. “Felicio, may I touch them?” “Sure” he says and with his big hand he raises the child near the stars.
Ok, there are other people who make more important things, but Felicio is happy in this way.  

                    "The Dragon Felicio"
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