6th Edition (year 2007) – National Drawing Competition

“By paper, colours and pencils free and create your favourite idea”

Year 2007

6th Edition National Drawing Competition: newspaper adv



The message we want to spread through this event for children is totally free and for this reason local and national media have published the newspaper ads. “ Children’s rights are going forward” is the slogan of newspaper ads.

Thanks to:
painter Tiziana Rinaldi, Alfaomega Associazione Volontari, Bottoli Schiacciatine, Centroscuola, Dorland, Faiplast Action Sport, Fer Giochi, F.I.L.A., Fondazione Comunità Mantovana onlus, Haribo, Linea Ottica, Mattel, Nintendo, Plast Wood, Toys Center.


Logos of Institutions sustaining 6th Edition National Drawing Competition year 2007