6th Edition (year 2007) – National Drawing Competition

“By paper,colours and pencils free and create your favourite idea”

Year 2007       (vedi rassegna stampa)

The official image of 6th edition (on the participation form and on the poster) is named “Madame Fantasia” and it has been realized by Tiziana Rinaldi illustrator and painter. She chaired the Jury which selected the paintings and gave the prizes to the winner children during the award ceremony. 

The success of the competition is also done by parents, teachers and educators who worked hard for a creative moment for children involving them in drawing. Furthermore they helped the promotion of the Rights of Childhood emphasising concepts as respect and the support of other people. 

  • 6th edition got the patronage of Regione Lombardia, the agreement of Municipality of Mantova, Province of Mantova, Toen of Curtatone, Unicef and C.I.S.M.A.I. (Italian Coordination of Services to prevent Children Maltreatment and Abuse),  Department for Education and Skills (school office of Mantua) and Fondazione Comunità Mantovana onlus.



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Poster of 6th Edition of Drawing Competition

 Logos of Institutions sustaining 6th Edidition of National Drawing Competition (year 2006)