Maria Cecilia Azzali

Maria Cecilia Azzali
illustration by Maria Cecilia Azzali


She studied philosophy in Italy and Germany and she drew everywhere. Then she attended MImaster for Publishing Illustration in Milan where now she is working at Studio Armad’illo. She plans images and illustrated books for children and adults. Her works are publishing in Italy and France. 








Sabrina Gudini

Sabrina Guidini is born in Arezzo on February 23rd 1974, where lives and works. She always dedicates herself to drawing and experimentation of many techniques; she has begun to paint oil on canvas since 2000.  She has taken part in collective exhibition both in Italy and abroad. In 2010 she was signaled in 2nd National Competition of Painting in Arezzo.


Alessandra Chiussi

She qualified in 1995 at the New Academy of Fine Art in Milan. She works in different fields: graphic, web-design and online educational instruments both in Italy and abroad. She has never left drawing and she has restarted working in childhood illustration field, with libraries; she organizes events to promote reading, environment and creative workshop.



Alessia Burgio

Alessia Burgio
Illustrations by Alessia Burgio


She is an illustrator and set designer who lives and works in the province of Pesaro-Urbino. She is sensitive to social themes linked to the childhood world, she is a voluntary tutor for Marche region; furthermore she cooperates in projects for image education with school and public corporation.


Riccardo Rossi

Riccardo Rossi is an illustrator, graphic-designer and cartoonist. He lives and works in Milan. He illustrated book “I Giorni della Resistenza - la resistenza raccontata ai ragazzi” for Nda Press. Now he works as a graphic-designer and freelance illustrator for independent publishing houses. He graduated in cinema d’essai at I.S.A. in Urbino (PU). Then he attended the Cinema school, Television and New Media in Milan.

Marta Dal Prato

Illustrazione Marta Dal Prato
Illustration by Marta Dal Prato


Maria Grazia Cammarota

Illustrazioni Maria Grazia Cammarota
Illustrazioni Maria Grazia Cammarota


She is born in 1976 and she lives in Miglionico, a little town famous for "Castello del Malconsiglio" (Badadvise Castle). Maria Grazia is cleaver and creative, she has taken part and realized  different workshop. She attends the Graphic “di Via dei 7 Dolori” in Matera, where she makes etching jobs; also Master as Saunier and Shun Lin takes part in these courses. She helds a degree by Academy of Fine arts in Bari and she is going on in her studies also dedicate herself to other activities.

Santo Pappalardo

Illustrazioni Santo Pappalardo
Illustrazioni Santo Pappalardo


Illustrator, engraver and graphic, on his work he tries new and different techniques because he thinks that every tale is unique and must be thought in a special way.
He uses many techiniques: the more traditional (watercolour, airbrush, etching) and the more original (computer-graphic). He illustrated and created books and magazines children, naturalistic books, institutional publications, guidebook, cartography, magazines.
He helds workshops where people colour, cut, incise, pull out, print and tell tales in this way. He has been a member of Illustrators Association since 1994. He received many acknowledgements as: selection at Bologna children’s Book Fair, Preize Syria Poletti di Salice, Award for Illustrators’ Annual 2006.
Last books: Volare di R. Mussapi - Feltrinelli; Violetta e la Rossa di N. Torre - Lineadaria; Trippy e la signora Bentrovati di C. Zanotti - Euno.



Claudia Benassi

Illustrazioni Claudia Benassi
Illustrazioni Claudia Benassi


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