Winners "We are the future" - 6th International Illustration Competition


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Casa del Mantegna - Via G. Acerbi 47 - Mantova


International Winners

Special awards

PRIZE GAZZETTA DI MANTOVA: Joben Preet, from Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN)
PRIZE B.A.C.A: Elsa Svensvensson from Kungsbacka (Svezia)
PRIZE LA CALCIO BALILLA SPORT: Diletta Resta from Guagnano (LE)

BABY 3: SARA Chebouti, Castellaro Lagusello (MN)
BABY 2: Kalina Jancova (Bulgaria)
BABY 1: Bardia Pourghasemi di Teheran (Iran)

Exhibit of drawings

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Palazzo Te

At "Fruttiere" de Palazzo Te (Viale Te 13, 46100 Mantova) there will be the exhibit of all the drawings of 12th edition of International Drawing Competition from 15th to 17th november.

Many works arrived from italian regions, province of Mantova,  foreign countries like: Armenie, Benin, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Egypt, Indonesia, Guatemala, India, Philippines, Usa, ecc.

For free entry, you must arrive from the Southern Yard of Palazzo Te (click the image to enlarge )

showing the ticket (Click the icon, download and print the ticket)

Timetable for exhibit:
Friday15 novembre: 1400-1930
Saturday 16 novembre: 900-1930
Sunday17 novembre: 9.00-17.30

To arrive:



Acting Company Roggero

Fabiana Bocchi

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Fabiana Bocchi

After an Art college degree in her hometown in Italy, Parma, Fabiana attended a course in Children's illustration at St. Martin college in London where she has lived for ten years from 1990 to 2000.

Isabella Galeazzi

Anna Maria Gioia Giorio

Immagini dell'illustratrice
Improvviso - La nota pià alta

She studied at the International School of Graphics to become an engraver and a painter. She attended several seminars on experimental techniques, held by masters like Riccardo Licata and Rino Riva.

Vanessa Maria Mineo

Immagine Vanessa Mineo
Immagine di Valentina Mineo

Vanessa Maria Mineo graduated in Scenic Design and Stage Costume at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera.
After her degree she has worked in Milan as freelance for theatrical workshop, production houses, office of design.


Movimento Internazionale per il rispetto dei Diritti dell'Infanzia

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