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Marco Zaini

Marco Zaini

Freelance graphic designer and illustrator, he graduated in "The art of press" at the Art Institute of Ascoli Piceno and in "Animated Drawing"at the Art Institute of Urbino.


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Special Maintenance


"Special Maintenance" is the image realized by the illustrator Marco Zaini when he has taken part in 6th International Illustration Competition "We are the future".

Author's description:
"Man plays with Earth, but he doesn't understand that it is all everything he has.
It's important that our sons/daughters can enjoy it; they can safeguard this treasure. We built our future, but prospects are no so conforting.
How can we preserve the Earth? Which is the duty of adults? What can we teach to our children?
We can show them how nature gives us everything we need to live! 
We must come back to the healthly fundamentals; we must live the nature with our sons and daughters; we have to learn from the world and we have to be the first to learn, to know, to respect. 
Loving biodiversity means loving ourselves and our cultural and ethnic differences. It is the only way by which the new generations can say "We are the future".


Article 14


Primo Premio, Concorso 2012

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow,
yet we forget that he is someone today.
(Stacia Tauscher)

14th Edition

Concorso Diritti a Colori 2016

14th International Drawing and Visual Art Competition


7th Edition - Competiton for illustrators "We are the future": I AM...

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"I AM..."


The 7th edition of International Competition for Illustrators addresses to all the artist who have been selected in Annual 2016, printed by Association of Illustrators

Artists are call to realize a work about the theme "I am....". 

Illustrations will be exhibited November 20th, when we celebrate the Universal Children's Day.


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By taking part in this initiative the artists give their contribution in spreading the importance of the defence of the rights of childrend and teens.




International Youth Media Summit


IYMS was founded in 2006 by Evelyn Seubert and James Gleason (Cleveland Charter High School, Los Angeles, California) and Aileen Marshall (Screen School, Glasgow, Scotland) and organized by the Teen International Media Exchange (TIME).

TIME was born on September 11, 2001 when the tragedy of the day's terrorist attack motivated a group of Los Angeles media instructors to find a way to interrupt the vicious cycle of violence and revenge that threatened to overtake the lives of the young people they worked with. These film teachers had seen firsthand teenagers’ surprising ability to learn how to cooperate, compromise and understand each other – in spite of ethnic antipathies - when that cooperation was necessary to create a film that they were passionate about.

TIME’s first projects in early 2002 were over the internet with students in Scotland, following by in-person collaborations in Korea and Belize. In 2006 TIME founded the International Youth Media Summit, bringing 85 people from 26 countries to work together on media projects that would motivate others in their generation to take action. In the decade since then, TIME has continued both in-person and internet collaborative projects with over 700 American and international students, and the Summit has involved over 500 young people and mentors from 50 countries, reaching over 200,000 people with youth-created media pieces, personal appearances and outreach.

The 2007 Summit was held in Sydney, Australia, hosted by Vahid Vahed of Cinewest. Miomir Rajcevic and the Media Education Centre hosted Summits in Belgrade, Serbia in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015.  The 2014 Summit was held at Soka University of America in Aliso Viejo, California, hosted and organized by James Gleason, Kate Randolph and Evelyn Seubert.

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Executive Board

Birgitta Olsson, Sweden - Board President

Anna ErikssonSweden - board member

Giovanni Malagutti, Italy - board member

Marija Ratkovic, Croatia - board member

Wais Yameen, Afghanistan - board member

Evelyn Seubert, USA - IYMS President and cofounder

James Gleason, USA - IYMS Cofounder 

Kate Randolph, USA - Director of outreach and development

Owen Chan, Hong Kong - board member

Vahid Vahed, Australia - board member

                                                                       Youth Committee

Antonio Britvar, Croatia

Beatrice Dehkordi, Sweden

Ellinor Svensson, Sweden

Mayu Nagumo, Japan

Sarah Randolph, USA


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Public Access

Public Access


Public Access is a registered Non Governmental Organization (NGO) working for equitable society through awareness creation and resource mobilization adopting participatory approach and proper management. The main objective of the organization is to contribute for the overall development of the Nepalese society by engaging in development communication, education, livelihood, environment conservation, climate change, conflict management, infrastructure development, human rights and issue based advocacy for marginalized and traditionally excluded groups such as women, children, poor, dalit, ethnic community and persons with disabilities. We implement the activities by utilizing wide variety of tools such as social mobilization, mass-media, public awareness and research. Besides, we also focus on promoting rights, equality and opportunities to empower community and to bring positive changes in their lives. The strength of the organization is the presence of motivated, committed and highly experienced human resources in communication, mass mobilization, management, education, human rights and development field. Moreover, we also have a strong linkage with various organizations operating from local to national level.

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