Press release 4th edition

Winner of 4th International Illustration Competiton

The Artist Laura Berni of italian origin (Florence), with the Work entitled: “Cooking art do it yourself” won the first prize  concerning the  4th Edition of the International Illustration Competition , whose theme was “Nothing to do with it”.

Title: “Cooking art do it yourself”
Format:  29,7x43 cm
Technique: mixed
Support: paper

“Illustrators Exhibition” - Mantova from 4th to 12th February 2012


On Saturday 4th February 2012, at 17.30 at the Museo della Città, San Sebastiano Palace, Mantua, Italy, with the patronage of Comune di Mantova and the collaboration of the museum, there will be the inauguration of exhibition of illustrators. The exhibition deals with professional illustrators’ works received for the 4th Edition of International Illustration Competition “Nothing to do with it”.

4th Internazional Illustration Competition: “Nothing to do with it”

Fondazione Malagutti onlus, in partnership with Associazione Illustratori, calls the 4th Internazional Illustration Competition, titled: “Nothing to do with it”. Competition has been presented at “Bologna Children’s book fair” and intends to make the best of the ability and the sensibility of every illustrator in representing the world of childhood.

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