International Exhibition of Visual Arts

Can I send more than an art-work?

You can send 3 works maximum. Remember: join to each of them the participation form!

Which method must I use?

You can freely realize your work: if you decide to do a drawing you can use pencils, felt-tip pens, pastels, tempera.
If you choose sculptures, you can realize it with clay, gypsum, wood. The same criteria is also for installations.

At the end of competition do you give the drawing back to me?

No, we don’t. Drawings will become a property of “Fondazione Malagutti onlus”  which reserves the right to use.

Which size must I use?

Anyone, the size is free for drawings, sculptures, installations.
Video must be realized in .mp4 with a lenght 120 seconds maximum.

Can I take part with my class or my friends?

Certainly. You can participate with an individual or a group work.

Who has realized the drawing of the Competition's promotional material?

The illustrator Francesca Di Martino who has drawn "I'm freewhen he has taken part in 7th International Illustration Competition "We are the future".

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