School of Zafferana Etnea

Logo CD Zafferana Etnea

The school of Zafferana Etnea follows the growth of its pupils making them aware and protagonists of their learning and education through specific way for thei capacity.

It promotes the wellness of the child: corner of reading in each classroom where children can talk and be listened in addition to programs of support for unconfortable situations.

It gives a great importance to the art, music, travel, interculture and reading. It is ready to organise the 8th edition of the "Book Party": the event where pupils, writers, illustrators and publishers can attend workshops, animated reading, creative writing, meeting with the authors.

C.D. Zafferana Etnea
Via Federico de Roberto 113
Zafferana Etnea (CT)

Municipality of Riposto

Stemma Comune di Riposto
Emblem of Municipality of Riposto

Riposto is one of the most historic and typical village in the area of Ionian Sea and Mount Etna. It is interesting to admire not only the historical Monuments, but also the majestic "Madre di Riposto" Church, dedicated to Saint Peter Apostle.The strategic position of the place, the museums, the artistic port make Riposto an interesting destination for cultural tourism and for the lovers of mountain and see.
Thanks to the many initiatives developped, Riposto has always shown a particular attention for the defense of humen rights and the valorisation of the right of children and youth.

ACAMS- Associated Artists and Musicians

Logo Acams

ACAMS- Associated Artists and Musicians promotes, develops and spreads music culture all over the world.
It started a project about an unique register of Artists and Musicians who can spread their arts by a reciprocal interaction.

It works in different fields: Peinture, Culture, Poetry, Music, Dance, Theatre, Cinema, Artistic Sport.

It offers: Music School and Workshop of Training, Research and Production in Artistic and Musical Fields.

Via Tacito, 3
92029 Ravanusa (AG)

Team for the mental health of the child in hospital

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Logo Ospedale "Di Cristina"

Team for the mental health of the child in hospital has been working for years at "Di Cristina" Hospital in Palermo.
It is composed by childhood neuropsychiatries, psycologists, psycopedagogysts, caseworkers and teachers, engaged to  humanize the way of children in hospital.

Ospedale dei bambini "G. Di Cristina"
Via dei Benedettini 1
90134 Palermo
Tel.: 091 6666012

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