Town of Suzzara

Stemma della Città di Suzzara
Blason de la Ville de Suzzara

Town of Suzzara

The town of Suzzara supports and promotes the serenity of children inside the community with initiatives in favour of the education, the development, the life-style. It works to find creative solutions to defend and reinforce the growth of children and teens with responsability and respect.

Through the project "A village to raise a child", the Municipality promotes actions of prevention for children and teens so that they can get places and relationships in a situation of social inclusion encouraging the learning of languages and realities from different cultures at the same time. 

La Ville de Suzzara The town of Suzzara puts value on the No-profit's activity, sharing the same values and working with associations for the same goals. 

Comune di Suzzara
Piazza Castello 1
46029 Suzzara (MN)
Tel: 0376 5131


Prescholl of Castellaro Lagusello

Scuola Infanzia Castellaro Lagusello
Scuola Infanzia Castellaro Lagusello

The infant school is placed in Castellaro Lagusello, one of the lovely village in Italy.
It has always welcomed students from any origin, living in a positive contest and acceptance. The school is characterized by its own educational training which consists in a progressive adaptation.

This adaptation refers to students’ needs and to the valorization of individuality.
The Infant school of Castellaro Lagusello has always addressed its engagement in the first children’s education, characterized by its own creative educational method with which telling about important subjects like children’s rights.

The “difficult” argument is related to the individual experience of the child, avoiding the banalities. The established educational path’s first purpose is to stimulate children’s creativity . the first step is that the child must be gratified beyond the result, putting everybody in the same condition, which consists in the opportunity of the use of their imagination.

Comune di Cernusco Lombardone

Comune di Cernusco Lombardone (LC) - Italia
Comune di Cernusco Lombardone


Cernusco Lombardone is in the Province of Lecco, in Lombardy. Municipality has been always sustaining and promoting initiatives for childhood with the aim to accompany children in their growth. The library has an important role in educational field, promoting the importance of reading with young people. Furthermore the student of Secondary School can attend a dedicated centre which value culture and solidarity, contrasting alienation and uneasy situations.

Comune di Cernusco Lombardone
P.zza Enrico da Cernusco n. 1
Cernusco Lombardone (LC)



Bikers Against Child Abuse

B.A.C.A. Italy Onlus - Bikers Against Child Abuse

Bikers Against Child Abuse

BACA Italy onlus is in 52 countries in the world.
Baca Italy doesn’t want to impose but it wants to propose itself to social services, institutions and police, in order to make his engagement available.
Having the willingness to reach their predefined purposes, Baca aims at: organizing and promoting projects on the information of abuses on minors. They want to do it through conferences, conventions and through the participation of psychologists, educators, social assistants, and police members. Baca aims at collaborating with public and private structures whose work is addressed to abused children and teens.
Baca wants to realize initiatives addressed to the gathering of funds in order to sustain those structures which welcome abused minors and children.
All these actions are part of a wider goal which wants to sensitize institutions and public opinion on the theme of abuses in order to sustain children who were abused. 

Furthermore, it is possible to help these children in living without fear
and to develop  safer conditions of life and growth.



Italian Paralympic Federation Calcio Balilla

FPICB (Italian Paralympic Federation Calcio Balilla)


FPICB (Italian Paralympic Federation Calcio Balilla) is born to promote table football as an instrument sustaining handicapped people.  
It’s widely demonstrated that table football is a valid instrument for psycho-physical recovery, particularly  it increases participation in social activities, the self-challenge and challenge towards  others.
Thanks to FPICB, table football has been used as a rehabilitation method in many Italian hospitals since 2011.


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