Comune di Umbriatico

Stemma Comune di Umbriatico
Stemma Comune di Umbriatico

Umbriatico is a town in the South Italy, in the province of Crotone
As suggested by its ancient origins, the town was founded by Crotonesi colonists and conquered by Romans.

During the last years a cultural association is born to organize events for citizens, concert of folk songs and celebrations of traditions.


Comune di Ubriatico
Contrada Perticaro
88823 Umbriatico (KR)
Tel: 0962 762289

Santa Severina

Comune di Santa Severina (KR)

Santa Severina is a medevial village in the province of Crotone, member of “Boghi più Belli d’Italia” Club (The most beautiful villages in Italy).It’s an important touristic destination thanks to tracks let by Mediterranean civilizations. Since many years Santa Severina has engaged to promote children’s education with the initiative “Castelfiaba”, the cultural event that creates a link between literature and childhood world.

Comune di Santa Severina
Piazza Campo
Santa Severina (KR)
Calabria - Italia

Cirò Marina

Comune di Cirò Marina

Cirò Marina is in the Province of Crotone. Its celebrity is due to the tangerine production and to the beauyt of its territory that makes it a famous touristic destination.

The town is always engaged to sustain and defend children’s rights.

Comune di Cirò Marina
Piazza Kennedy
Cirò Marina (KR)
Calabria - Italia



Comune di Cirò

Cirò is in the province of Crotone, famous for being the hometown of Luigi Lilio, the Gregorian calendar reformer. Town is hardly engaged in initiatives for cultural promotion as a cure against criminal phenomenon.

Comune di Cirò
Corso Luigi Lilio 2
Cirò (KR) - Calabria - Italia

Municipality of Melissa

Comune di Melissa (KR)

Melissa is a feudal village in the province of Crotone. Its name and its official badge remind the Hellenic origins (from greek etymology “Melissa” means bee, honey). The Municipality of Melissa engages itself to create social, cultural and recreational situations for its citizens that can be positive both for adult and children.

Municipality of Melissa
Via Provinciale 1
Calabria - Italie

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