La Calcio Balilla Sport

La Calcio Balilla Sport

La Calcio Balilla Sport

It was created by a group of friends, keen about table football. An icon of elder generations, a historical pastime of traditional folk custom.

The Association gathers people of any age, trying to involve and making children and young people passionate about “old games”, the entertainments of their fathers; moreover it organizes provincial, regional and national matches.

Pro Loco San Lorenzo in Campo

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Pro Loco San Lorenzo in Campo

Pro Loco San Lorenzo in Campo works with tourist activities and the promotion of the village. It promotes childhood rights with initiatives of consciousness and playing activities that involve everybody.

Scuola dell'infanzia paritaria L'Albero Azzurro

Logo Scuola Albero Azzurro
Logo Scuola "L'Albero Azzurro"

The comprehensive school “Albero Azzurro” in Vasto welcomes children from 2 to 6 years of age in “Spring” section and Preschool. It also offers supplementary services for childhood and afterschool.

The slogan of school is “Exploring, Knowing and Understanding” because each proposal aims to discover some features of reality through workshoops.
Children are the main characters of this adventure. Through the listening of their needs, the observation of their differences the educational path is made.Section are made by children of the same age.

Each child is the main figure of his/her path and our pedagogy has 3 steps: “doing”, “knowing what to do” and “respecting the age of children".

It’s important to learn in an organized and peaceful environment, to play and socialize, to pass from “Me” to “Our”.

IC Ettore Guatelli

Logo Istituto


Institute “Ettore Guatelli” of Collecchio includes Preschool, Primary and Secondary School placed in the territory. In addition to the educational proposal made by the school, there are many incentives offered by municipality, associations like: activities linked to the library, concerts, theathrical palys, sports activities, exhibition, activities of protezione civile, differents experiences to enjoy the territory (museum, parcs).

The attention of Institute is also concentrated on themes like integration and inclusion through the participation of initiatives and projets promoted by the different organisms.

The Town of Donkey

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La Città degli Asini

The Town of Donkey is a sperimental center for research and training of therapies and asctivities with pet, partucularly with donkeys. It works in cooperation and with the acknowledgement of Centre of National Reference for Therapies and Activities with Per, Zooprofilattico Istitute of Venezie, Psycologists Class of Veneto, Municipality od Polverara and many other.

It manages with activities that include donkeys, social education activities and training activities for schools by the use of specifical courses, pet-therapy with donkey, stage for operators.

The Town of Donkey as been working with pet therapy following the Regional Guide Lines (L.R. 3/05 DEL 3/01/2005).

La Città degli Asini
Via Riviera 20
35020 Polverare (PD)
Tel/Fax 049 9772481
Cell 346 3696246

Prescholl of Castellaro Lagusello

Scuola Infanzia Castellaro Lagusello
Scuola Infanzia Castellaro Lagusello

The infant school is placed in Castellaro Lagusello, one of the lovely village in Italy.
It has always welcomed students from any origin, living in a positive contest and acceptance. The school is characterized by its own educational training which consists in a progressive adaptation.

This adaptation refers to students’ needs and to the valorization of individuality.
The Infant school of Castellaro Lagusello has always addressed its engagement in the first children’s education, characterized by its own creative educational method with which telling about important subjects like children’s rights.

The “difficult” argument is related to the individual experience of the child, avoiding the banalities. The established educational path’s first purpose is to stimulate children’s creativity . the first step is that the child must be gratified beyond the result, putting everybody in the same condition, which consists in the opportunity of the use of their imagination.

Comune di Miglionico

Comune di Miglionico
Comune di Miglionico


Miglionico is a town in the province of Matera, in Basilicata, placed on a hill between Bradaro river and Basento river, 465 metres sea level.

Castle of Bad Council is the the second most ancient castle in Basilicata and it dominates the landscape. The town is a famous for the histories linked to Baroni against Ferndinando I from Naples. Miglionico is joined to the national association for oil: a reality for promotion and valorisation of the oil and the territories.


Via Dante, 12
Miglionico (MT)
Basilicata - Italia


School of Zafferana Etnea

Logo CD Zafferana Etnea

The school of Zafferana Etnea follows the growth of its pupils making them aware and protagonists of their learning and education through specific way for thei capacity.

It promotes the wellness of the child: corner of reading in each classroom where children can talk and be listened in addition to programs of support for unconfortable situations.

It gives a great importance to the art, music, travel, interculture and reading. It is ready to organise the 8th edition of the "Book Party": the event where pupils, writers, illustrators and publishers can attend workshops, animated reading, creative writing, meeting with the authors.

C.D. Zafferana Etnea
Via Federico de Roberto 113
Zafferana Etnea (CT)

Municipality of Riposto

Stemma Comune di Riposto
Emblem of Municipality of Riposto

Riposto is one of the most historic and typical village in the area of Ionian Sea and Mount Etna. It is interesting to admire not only the historical Monuments, but also the majestic "Madre di Riposto" Church, dedicated to Saint Peter Apostle.The strategic position of the place, the museums, the artistic port make Riposto an interesting destination for cultural tourism and for the lovers of mountain and see.
Thanks to the many initiatives developped, Riposto has always shown a particular attention for the defense of humen rights and the valorisation of the right of children and youth.

ACAMS- Associated Artists and Musicians

Logo Acams

ACAMS- Associated Artists and Musicians promotes, develops and spreads music culture all over the world.
It started a project about an unique register of Artists and Musicians who can spread their arts by a reciprocal interaction.

It works in different fields: Peinture, Culture, Poetry, Music, Dance, Theatre, Cinema, Artistic Sport.

It offers: Music School and Workshop of Training, Research and Production in Artistic and Musical Fields.

Via Tacito, 3
92029 Ravanusa (AG)

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