Scuola dell'infanzia paritaria L'Albero Azzurro

Logo Scuola Albero Azzurro
Logo Scuola "L'Albero Azzurro"

The comprehensive school “Albero Azzurro” in Vasto welcomes children from 2 to 6 years of age in “Spring” section and Preschool. It also offers supplementary services for childhood and afterschool.

The slogan of school is “Exploring, Knowing and Understanding” because each proposal aims to discover some features of reality through workshoops.
Children are the main characters of this adventure. Through the listening of their needs, the observation of their differences the educational path is made.Section are made by children of the same age.

Each child is the main figure of his/her path and our pedagogy has 3 steps: “doing”, “knowing what to do” and “respecting the age of children".

It’s important to learn in an organized and peaceful environment, to play and socialize, to pass from “Me” to “Our”.