Prescholl of Castellaro Lagusello

Scuola Infanzia Castellaro Lagusello
Scuola Infanzia Castellaro Lagusello

The infant school is placed in Castellaro Lagusello, one of the lovely village in Italy.
It has always welcomed students from any origin, living in a positive contest and acceptance. The school is characterized by its own educational training which consists in a progressive adaptation.

This adaptation refers to students’ needs and to the valorization of individuality.
The Infant school of Castellaro Lagusello has always addressed its engagement in the first children’s education, characterized by its own creative educational method with which telling about important subjects like children’s rights.

The “difficult” argument is related to the individual experience of the child, avoiding the banalities. The established educational path’s first purpose is to stimulate children’s creativity . the first step is that the child must be gratified beyond the result, putting everybody in the same condition, which consists in the opportunity of the use of their imagination.