International Movement for the respect of the rights of the child


1. Children are never a property. Natural parents have to take care of them until they become adults.
Society has to accomplish the task to help mothers and fathers to grow up their sons and daughters protecting children within every contact with the community.

2. We want to safeguard the rights of children struggling to obtain them. We undertake to assure their liberty with courage helping them to protect their physical health, mental balance and cognitive and psychological development.

3. Globalization has put in greater evidence the big spreads between rich and poor countries and consequently causing big differences among the growing opportunities children should have.All children have to be fed,healthy and educated;here stands our rebellion against the system.

4. We undertake with courage against the involvement of children in any war and use of any weapons.

5. We rise against the working exploitation and the trade of children and teenagers.

6. We undertake to prosecute anyone who sexually abuses children, tortures them, ill-treats them physically or psychologically. We are against juvenile pedophilia and pedo-pornography: we struggle to annihilate anyone who shares or evinces such nefarious activities.

7. We affirm we must challenge every ideological, philosophic, artistic and cultural form that can expose children to exploitations that will obligate his/her psyche and his/her behavioural balance.

8. We want to contribute to the natural development of the child with all his/her genetic and intellective inheritance, taking advantage of all the resources which our society offers and will offer in the future.

9. It is necessary that we eagerly do our best to make children approaching nature celebrating its beauty and promoting its safeguard.

10. We struggle to limit mental, physical and psychological handicap giving our contribution and resources pleading for children rehabilitation.

11. We want to prevent religion and political ideology from surpassing the needs of children adulterating their future.

12. We want to offer to all children talent and human knowledge, music and singing, theatre and art to stimulate their intellect.

13. We want to offer our abilities and our resources for this project. From Italy we challenge this “Manifesto” upholding  the respect of children's rights by which we establish today the “International Movement for the respect of the rights of the child”.

27th February 2009


International Manifesto
International Manifesto
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