International Youth Media Summit

Immagine International Youth Media Summit 2013

What is IYMS?

IYMS is an annual two-week event that brings together young people from different cultures to create media projects aimed at inspiring their own generation to take action and responsability for the future. By confronting and examining global problems, and exploring solutions together, they are bound in a shared purpose. Conflict arise and must get resolved. Barriers of misunderstanding and ignorance are broken down, friendship emerge, creativity flows and films are produced. In the process, youth create a model for a peaceful yet dynamic, cooperative world community. Over the last ten years, more than 600 young delegates and their adult advisors representing 50 countries have participated in IYMS. 

At every Summit, youth delegates work in groups to create one-two-minute short films in the style of Public Service Annoucements, with the objective of inspiring other young people to care about and take action to solve major global issues: Women's Rights, Environment, Violence, Discrimination, Health, Youth Empowerment, Poverty.

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