9th Edition (2010) - Illustrator

Paolo Rui

Paolo Rui

I was born in Milan in 1962, in front of the tram garage in Monviso street, the historical place for the rail’s noise.
I got a degree in Painting at Milano’s Brera Academy of Fine Arts; then I was granted a Fulbright scholarship to attend a course of specialization in Illustration at Art Center College of Design - Pasadena where I learned something more!
In the middle of 90s, I left the world of rock and drum; I had moved to Tawain for some years; in 1995 I came back with my wife and with a lot of publishing and advertising works.

In 2000 Leo was born; he helps me to smile and to be in good mood.
I often test my self in very different kind of works: whatever makes me curios. In this way I can always  discover something new, but I often make my purchaser confused.
I love colour.
I work with traditional and digital method.
I have been working with the Association of Illustrators because I like to spend my time with collegues.
I haven’t been able to go to Mars yet, neither to get the airship licence, but I have enough time.
In the meanwhile I often go by bike and I swim, as Valentina Grassini does (the winner illustrator of last edition of this beautiful competition).
I suggest everybody do it like me and Valentina because it is lucky.