4th Edition (year 2004) – National Drawing Competition - Winners

Three things we have from heaven: stars, flowers and children.
Dante Alighieri
4th Edition-Winners


Two children – 3th prize:

3th prize
Preschool of Castelnuovo
Asola (MN)
Maria Grazia Mauroner e Marina Ghizzi
Child: Beatrice Zani

3th prize
Preschhol of Pomponesco (MN)
Teacher: Giulia Battisacchi
Child: Rita Paola Lucchini

2nd prize
Preschool of Canicossa (MN)
Teacher: Badalotti Gianpaola
Child: Sabina Cantamessa

1st prize
sent by
Child: Marta Mantovani

Primary Schoolc

3th prize
Primary school of Mantova
Cultural Centre “Contardo Ferrini”
Teacher: Sonia Castellini
Child: Emma Maestrelli

2nd prize
Primary school of Maioli
Goito (MN)
Teacher: Maria Marianoni
Child: Nicolas Maffezzoni

1st prize
Primary School “Collodi”
Montanara (MN)
Lorenza Boni,
Antonella Caprari,
Anna Maria Moroni
Irene Melegari and prize for her class

IChildren are awarded thank to the prize kindly given by sponsors and they receive a certificate of participation signed by jury.