4th Edition (year 2004) - National Drawing Competition

“With your eyes, hands and heart make draw an imagine to fly…”

Year 2004

IV Edition of National Drawing Competition


The 4th edition of drawing competition has got the patronage of Unicef, Province of Mantoue, Region Lombardy and Curtatone, the cooperation of  Ministry of Education, General Lombardy Direction and Center of  Administrative Services of Mantoue,  “Archivio” art review, tuner Radio Pico e Rete 23.

Thanks to: Area In del Gruppo Squassabia, Aglietta Mario informatica, Bottoli Schiacciatine, Centroscuola, …Ninna nanna… abbigliamento, Cannellini biciclette, Holding dei Giochi Mantova (Toys Center).