4th Edition (year 2004) - National Drawing Competition– Illustrator

                                               Artist president of Jury: Franco Mora

Illustrator: Franco Mora

Franco Mora is born January 27th 1949 in Guastalla (RE). He began to paint in 1973. He lives and works at Salina di Viadana (MN).

Franco Mora has got a well definite placement in the field of naïve painting. He has set an own space through a strong and unmistakable artistic personality.

Everybody appreciates him in Italy and in the major european city. His works are laid ot in the most famous naïve  museum and in many private collections.

He tells fantastic tales with the paintbrush and colour, but also scenes that remind to reality and daily life. It’s wonderful look at his paintings, because everyone hides a story.

In 2002 he won the medal of the Italian Republic President (the most prestigious prize for a naïf artist) for the 35th edition of National Prize of Naives Arts “Cesare Zavattini” in Luzzara (RE).

His doesn’t make only painting on canvas, but also works on walls. He has been realizing murales for 30 years (more than 250). From Val D’Aosta to Sicily he has left his stories on the walls of many towns, where the artist has created  galleries under the stars for the most careful and interested look of people.