2003 - 3rd Edition – National Drawing Competition – The Illustrator

Work by Master Lanfranco (Frigeri)

The Artist

Master Lanfranco (Frigeri) is a  leader of fantastic art and forerunner of Italian surrealism thanks his visionary art. He lives and works in his home town Quingentole (Mantova) where he was born in 1929.  After his short experiences abroad in Paris, London and New York he came home in his workshop where developed his suggestive fantasy and saw in advance the 21st Century’s Man since Thirties, suggesting the relationship between man-machine and a social organization run by advanced technologies.

The world of the Master is the future, androids and stochastic family, but Lanfranco is also an artist with many cultural interests like DRAWING (when he was 15 he developed the first Italian comic strip about science fiction, of which Nerbini Editor has published some excerpts) and SCULPTURE (art learnt from his father who works at Trentacoste Studio. Sculpture gave success to Lanfranco since Fifties when he won the first prize for a work at Milan Cathedral and the realization of the marble statue “Beato Carcano” that now is on a spire of the Cathedral; another sculpture by the Master “San Giovanni dell’Apocalisse” is at the monumental cemetery in Milan).

After having looked  his sculptures on “Diorama” Revue, the famous Henry Moore wrote to him from London on March 1956, showing all his satisfaction for those oeuvres he thought very interesting. Fantastic picture gave him success and made him appreciated by Magritte, Salvador Dalì and Graham Sutherland. His works are everywhere around the world (in particular USA, Great Britain, France Germany and Austria). Important acknowledgements came also from Brian W. Aldiss, an important person in world science fiction, author of best sellers but also playwright and essayist; he said about Lanfranco “the power of imagination of his mind is impressive and the mix between wonder and serenity is something of exclusive in my experience”. He used the paint “ I grandi maestri del sogno” for the cover of his book “A Romance of the Equator - Best Fantasy Stories”.

He has been cultivating poetry and writing since his youth and they became more intense thanks his meeting with the writer Dino Buzzati and the most famous greek poet Odysseus Elitis, Nobel for poetry in 1980. Lanfranco realised also some portraits: Vittorio Vallettta, Dino Villani, Antonio Ghiringhelli, Remigio Paone, Delia Scala, Biki. Wors are in some european an american collections.
Lanfranco dedicated himself also to religious art: we can see his works in many churches in Mantova and Milano where the archbishop Giovanni Battista Montini, the future Paolo 6th, revealed “the dramatic message of a suggestive meditation” looking at the altarpieces for the Madonna della Medaglia Miracolosa’s church that has been consecrated in 1962.