2nd Edition (year 2002) - National Drawing Competition – The Artist

Sandro Negri was born in 1940 at Virgilio (Mantua).

"The strong link to the rural environment has origin in his youth and it represents one of the favoured theme of his whole work. He starts with a personal exhibition in 1970 and his first monograph has been published in 1976 with a preface by Dino Villani."
Person with a direct communicative charge, Negri is also a versatile artist. In 1989 he opened an atelier in Paris. In 1991 he was asked to create the poster for the film “Vincent and Theo” by Robert Altmann in order to emphasize the emotional tragedy of two brothers.

In 1993 he fit out a retrospective in Ducal Palace in Mantua, cared by Eda Benedetti and followed by a catalogue published by Electa; the following year the retrospective was set up at Rocca Normanna, in co-operation with Comune di Paternò (Catania).
From 1995 he opened an atelier in Montanara, Curtatone (MN) at Palazzo Cavalcabò.
From 1997 two drawings by Negri got into the permanent collection “Vivian and Gordon Gilkey” of Portland Art Museum.
In 2001, as the Plenipotetiary Palace opened in Mantua, an anthology was set up with the patronage of Province of Mantua-Casa del Mantegna.
In 2002, in co-operation with the London gallery “Gagliardi Gallery” an exhibition was set up at “The Lord Leighton House Museum” of London with a remarkable success for critique and public. In 2002 he also took part in an itinerant exhibition in Spain “Pàginas desde Lombardia”, a Museum of Contemporary Art.
In 2004 he opened another place in Portland (USA). In the same year Silvana Editoriale set his work with an important publication signed by Raffaele De Grada and Claudio Rizzi. Then he was invited at “Poetiche del 900” at Castel Ivano in theProvince of Trento.
In 2005 the event “Pàginas desde Lombardia” came back in Italy at Museo Maccagno. In the same place he took part to the exhibition “Metafore di Paesaggio” (presented also by Museum of Modern Art of Gazoldo degli Ippoliti, in province of Mantua and by  Spazio Guicciardini of Milano). Always the same year, Rossana Bossaglia signed the presentation of his catalogue.
In 2006 he ordered a big anthology “Evocate Immagini” at Civico Museo Parisi Valle di Maccagno (VA), by Claudio Rizzi, with a catalogue published  by Nicolini Editore. Always at Maccagno, he participated to exhibitions “Acquisizioni 2006” and the the Arte Contemporanea in Lombardia-Generazione anni ’40.
Artist Sandro NegriIn 2008 the Swath Group, in co-operation with Gioielleria Azzali 1881 of Mantua, choose Negri to celebrate its 25 years of work and let the artist to customize 299 watches, exclusive pieces presented at its atelier during an event only for collectors Swatch Club.

An important critical documentation supplies his work and all the literature about is at “Ad Acta” Cultural Association in Milan and at the Archive for Italian Art of 1900 ("Kunsthistorisches Institut" di Firenze).
In these years Negri has set up many exhibitions in different towns in Italy and abroad: Rome, Milan, Florence, Bologna, Desenzano del Garda, Verona, San Gimignano, London, Gineve and Lugano, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Goteborg e Helsingborg (Sweden), Malaga (Spain), Nijmegen, Hooghalen e Helenaveen (Holland), Orlando, Washington D.C., Portland e Seattle (USA).

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