International Exhibition of Visual Arts

How will this edition be different?

 The participation rules are the same. We decided to change the name of initiative because from this year we want to valorize the artistic abilities of the young participants highlighting the Talents all aver the world

How can I participate?

 You have to realize an artwork (drawing, sculpture, instalaltion, picture, media project) and send it to: Fondazione Malagutti onlus - Via dei Toscani 8 - 46010 Curtatone - MN - Italy).
 Join the participation form to the artwork.

If my drawing isn’t selected will I receive something as gift?

All the children who have taken part in competition can ask the participation certificate to:
You have to print it and write your name!

How can I pick up my prize?

Prizes will be presented during the final award ceremony or sent with charges forward delivery.

How can I discover the winners of competition?

Our office contacts winners by phone.
Winners and the image of their artworks will be published on

Can I take part in initiative by organizing an event in my town?

Yes, events can be organized by anyone wants to cooperate with “Colourful Rights”. For further information contact us:

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