Drawing Workshop

Concorso Internazionale di Disegno (3-14 anni)

The public urban female school called “Scuola Statale n.61 Repubblica d’Italia” started its educational role in September 1958 and it covered just the first three years of the primary school circle, with a number of 169 female students. In 1996, when the school established its seat in Santa Fez, was founded the preschool with 44 children.

In 2007  Prof. Erwin Enrique Ruiz was elected as headmaster and in the same year the preschool became independent with its own denomination, which was “Scuola Statale Mista n.61 Repubblica d’Italia”
( Mixed public school Italian Republic n.61). In 2011 it was introduced the Italian language teaching as a result of the collaboration between the school and the Italian Dante Alighieri Association for the promotion of the Italian language in the schools.

The school is placed in a district having its social difficulties and presenting a high rate of violence and familiar disintegration. All the educational projects organized by the school are directed to promote and increase the self-confidence both in students and in their families.