Meeting about Childhood Rights

Concorso Internazionale di Disegno (3-14 anni)  

Scuola Primaria Martiri di Belfiore
Viale Gian Evangelista Gobio, 8
Mantua (Lombardie) Italie

On Thuersday October 23 the Primary School “Martiri Belfiore” organises a meeting about Childhood Rights. Silvia Ferri by Fondazione Malagutti helds the meeting talking to children with a simple language about children rights. Every class will reflect on a particular right in order to focus their attention on those laws that governs children’s growth and life. Then, the illustrator Marta Dal Prato will involve some children in a workshop on nutrition. After presentation of the food right, the illustrator and the children will create an history together. A white construction paper will be done to every child who realize his/her sumptuously desked table: culinary fantasies, colours and joy.

Organised by:
Scuola Primaria Martiri di Belfiore