Freedom of dreaming

Concorso Internazionale di Disegno (3-14 anni)

Freedom of dreaming   
Library  “Gianni Rodari”
Granarolo dell'Emilia (BO)
Via San Donato, 74/25
Emilia Romagna - Italy

Children from class 5D of Primary School “Anna Frank” attend the lively reading run by the librarian “L’albero del mondo” by Beatrice Solinas Donghi and Antonella Abbatiello, a modern tale for stimulating a reflection about their future and their right to realize it. Moreover children listen an other tale "Dimmi, che cos'è un sogno?", by Hubert Schirneck, on the right to dream.
Each child can refer to one of these tales and realize a drawing that shows his/her dream or desire he/she thinks to have the right (es.: to attend the school and do the job he/she likes; to stay out without danger). Everyone can use a paper (cm 21x29,7 or cm 29,7x42), tempera, felt-tip pen, papier-mâché,coloured construction paper and can choose the method they prefer. 


only for class 5D and teachers