International Exhibition of Visual Arts

Colourful Rights to:

  • Defend and put value on children's rights encouraging free artistic activities to support the development of intellectual and personality abilities.
  • Make the relationship stronger among the rights.
  • Make people aware to social problems about minors who are victims of brutalities, rapes, outstanding hard-ships.
  • Involve families, institutions and young people to support human rights. Furthermore, it promotes hearing and discussion moments in order to concern respect and dignity.
  • Develop new points of reference for childhood world promoting a high interest on Children's rights.
  • Promote study and give value to children's art.
'Alberto in the sun' by Alberto Cifelli, 5 years old

"Alberto in the sun"
Alberto Cifelli, 5 years old
3rd  baby award
National drawing competition 2008
Size: cm 18x24
Method: tempera
Support: Canvas