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Childhood rights


Everything begins from children…

Landscape at dawn - National drawing competition, 2007

"Landscape at dawn"
Francesca, 9 years old
Levata (Mantova)
National drawing competition, 2007

The Convention is without any doubt the most important document of International law, especially in minors right. In Italy this deed has become law on 27th May 1991; so our Government must assure each child or teenager, both Italian and stranger, all the rights of Convention.

Today nearly all States are parties of Convention; Somalia and the United States have not yet ratified it.

In 2000 UN Assembly has agreed 2 optional protocols aimed at struggling the involvement of children in armed conflicts and minors’ abuse. Italy has ratified both of them on 11st March 2002.


Il Protocol on the involvement of children in armed conflict

Il Protocol of the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography