Diritti a Colori will take part in the 1st edition of the “International Festival of the African Child” as partner


Friday, June 24th 2022, the first edition of the International Festival of the African Child (Festival International de l'Enfant Africain) will take place in Conakry, capital of the Republic of Guinea, with the honorary presidency of the Head of the State, lieutenant colonel Mamady Doumbouya, and the high patronage of the Head of Government Mohamed Beavogui.

 The festival is organised by the Global Movement of the Panafrican Female Leaders (Mouvement Mondial des Femmes Leaders Panafricaines or MMFLP in French) with OMEGA (“Organisation of the mothers and children of Guinea and Africa” – in French: Organisation des Mères et Enfants de Guinée et d’Afrique) and the International Network “Rights in Colour” (Diritti a Colori in Italian) for Italy.


Madame Marthe Dèdè Koïvogui, ambassador of Diritti a Colori in the African continent and President of OMEGA, will represent the network at the festival.



The goal of the festival is to assess the progresses achieved in terms of health, education, nutrition, protection of rights and opportunities for the children in the African continent 20 years and more after the acceptance by many countries of the ONU Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), together with the governors and the people.

Fondazione Malagutti, that founded the Diritti a Colori network in 2009 and manages the Community for Minors "Costanza F. Giancola"

where mistreated and abused children lacking of connections as well as mothers victims of violence or in state of need are sheltered and helped, engages for the protection and promotion of the Children’s and Adolescents’ Rights with Diritti a Colori.


Sharing the goals of the festival, through the Diritti a Colori network, the Foundation, which will send its greetings from Italy with a video, has decided to give its contribution to the event in order to strengthen international cooperation between our country and African countries so that projects for the promotion of school education, expressivity and artistic creativity could take place.