Second Prize

Secondo Premio - 5° Concorso Illustrazione We are the Future
"Express your monstruose talent" - "Freedom of expression"
Fausto Montanari

Second Prize - 5th Edition International Illustration Competition

Fausto Montanari wins the second prize with the works “Express yor monstruose talent” and “Freedom of expression”.

Freedom of expression: The right to express ourselves, our feelings, culture and race. This work wants to represent the way children can have this right freely. Representing different expressions, feelings, origins that melt themselves in shapes and colours with harmony.(Fausto Montanari)

Express your monstruose talent: Playing with the words of its title, the illustration shows how every child can end must have the right to express and follow his/her fantasy and will, his/her road and his/her talents.Talent is represented by fun monsters, created by the child’s mind who walks ahead guiding them
(Fausto Montanari)

Title: Express yor monstruose talent - Freedom of expression
Size: 15x40 cm
Technique: ink and watercolour
Support: paper

After High school, Fausto Montanari got a degree in Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture  and then attended a master in Computer Graphics at the Big Rock Training Center. His solo exhibitions were “Spalle al mare” (at the Genoa Castle) and “Il mostrangelo”. His works were published in the catalogues of the competitions “Fedriani” and “ Fish and Fisher”. He arranged a workshop with Lavazza Spa, participated in “Design-mente” and designed a project called “Riuso confezioni” in collaboration with Ferrero Spa. His working experiences have included collaborations with “Riseon”, “RBA”, “ISERTCOIN”, “VOID STUDIO, but he has also worked as a freelancer for agencies and private clients.