5th International Illustration Competition: Rules

June 30th 2012

We are the future

  - Regulation/publishing agreement
  - Labels
     attach them on the back of each illustration
- Parcel Label
     with address

The Competition is open to all Italian and foreign illustrators, who are over 18 years old. Each illustrator can present a maximum of 3 works, original and unpublished, whose he/she guarantees the authorship on the subject: we.are.the.future.
The registration is possible exclusively on-line within June 30th 2012, using the application form.
That application form should be filled in, printed and sent with the illustrations.
The artist ensures the accuracy of his/her personal data.

Works must be sent, with shipping costs charged to the sender, within June 30th 2012 (the postmark is available) to: Fondazione Malagutti onlus - via dei Toscani n° 8 - 46010 Curtatone (MN) Italia. Attach a copy of the payment of registration fee. For delivery, please use the pdf label you will find when you register online. It must be stuck on the envelope.
Illustrations must be sent by prepaid mail or courier in “ex-works”. In order to facilitate customs operations you are kindly requested to specify “Illustrations without Economic value” on the shipping documents.
A technical jury will choose the winning illustration. The jury will have the right on the final decision About  all that has not been specified in these regulations. The jury ‘s decision will be unchallengeable.
Fondazione Malagutti wants to enhance illustrators' works: if artists donate them their works, Foundation will favour their visibility, by organising exhibitions in some prestigious places. Copyrights will be always guaranteed. The artist who does not donate his/her work will receive it within December 31st 2012, Cash On Delivery in Italy and in other countries.

€ 15,00 for three works (for associates to AI/EIF it is €10,00).
The payment must be made through credit transfer for Fondazione Malagutti onlus, pointing out the reason: 5th International Illustration Competition
IBAN: IT 89 F 01030 57610 000010014107
From abroad: BIC/SWIFT: PASCITM1120

“Diritti a Colori” (Colourful Rights) promotes the International Movement for the respect of Children ‘s rights in the world.
we.are.the.future inspires itself to the principles of the Movement, sustaining the guardianship of children's rights.

Illustrations might be realized, using any techniques or supports, without including any captions or text. They must be realized in upright format, having size no larger than 29,7x42 and no smaller than cm 15x21; The original work must be sent with a copy on a cd. Digital work must be printed in high resolution and signed by its artist. Images saved on the cd must have the following characteristics: size cm 21x29,5 (A4), .tiff or .jpg format at 300 dpi resolution graphics and in quadrichromy CMYK or EPS if vector- format illustrations (convert fonts to outlines).
Illustrations must be sent, with the following attachments: printed and signed participation form (see deadlines), cd with a copy of the work and a personal photograph for the book (300 dpi resolution), a proof copy of the payment regarding participation fee, a copy of application form and a copy of the non- exclusive publishing agreement filled in and signed. Once the material arrives, an email of confirmation will be sent to all the participants.
Please stick on the back of each illustration the label you will find in .pdf format at the time of registration.

The jury, composed by experts of art and illustration will choose the winning illustration. The result of Competition will be communicated by e-mail.

the publisher will select the worthiest works among those given to the Foundation for the publication.


All the illustrations sent for the competition will be on display for an exhibition and published on the website: www.dirittiacolori.it
Selected works can be on display in Mantua or in other Italian or foreign places.


The artist winning the competition will be awarded a cash prize of €1200 and his/her illustration will be the official image for his/her illustration will be the official image for posters and participation form concerning 12th edition of International Drawing Competition, which is addressed to children 3 to 14.
He/she will receive a free copy of the workbook.
The second-place contestant will receive €500 and a free copy of the workbook.
For the following three selected artists, free registration to Association of Illustrators and a free copy of the workbook.
For all participants, 50% on the publications made by Association of Illustrators.

By Accepting the prize, the artist recognizes to Fondazione Malagutti onlus the property of the work and the rights connected. Foundation can use it for cultural, social and promotional aims, always quoting the artist’s name.
Fondazione Malagutti onlus reserves itself the right to suspend/change the International Illustrator Competition at any moment and not to go on with the selection. In case of suspension of the initiative, the entrance-fees will be refunded (excepted running costs) and the drawing will be returned in charges of Foundation. In taking part in the competition each artist accepts the conditions of this regulation. Artists take full charge of both civil and criminal liability arising from the presentation of their works, and set the Fondazione Malagutti onlus free from all responsibilities.
In addition the artist discharges Fondazione Malagutti onlus and the organizers from any responsibility for damage, theft or fire regarding the entrusted works, during transport, their permanence at the exhibition, and their restitution. Fondazione Malagutti onlus guarantees care in treating and sending back works, by courier, even if the Foundation has no responsibilities in possible damages happening during the transport of works. The Court of Mantua will be competent for any controversy.

Personal data will be treated as required by legislative Decree n. 196/03. More information will be available at the time of registration.

Fondazione Malagutti onlus
Via dei Toscani, 8 - 46010 Curtatone (MN) - Italy
Tel. +39 0376.49951 - Fax +39 0376.49469