First Prize

Primo Premio Concorso Illustrazione We are the future
"3,2,1 Volo!" di Alessandra Castagni

First Prize - 5th Edition International Illustration Competition

Alessandra Castagni wins the first prize realizing the work “3,2,1 Volo!”.

"The work homages the freedom of expression of children through the art of play. It is the childhood represented in all its vivacity and spontaneity that finds the ideal place for its imagination in the nature around it. The alive enthusiasm of child shows her will to be herself “riding the world” and looking her future flying above her." (Alessandra Castagni)

Title: 3,2,1 Volo!
Size: 29,7x42 cm
Technique: acrylic painting and pastels
Support: paper

Alessandra Castagni went to the Artistic High School in Monza, then she specialized at the School of Comics in Milan and at the International School of Illustration in Sarmede. She exhibited her works at the International Exhibition of Illustration for children “The images of fantasy”, taking part in several editions. She also took part in the following international competitions: “Štepán Zavrel Award”, “I Colori del Sacro”, “Bollicine d'Artista”, “Fantasie per un’etichetta”, “Lucca Junior”, “We are the future”. She got special mention for the best lyric illustration in the 7th edition of “Štěpán Zavřel Award” and she received the second award at the competition “Bollicine d’Artista”. She got a special prize for the competition “Magie di Natale” and the prize Donnaèweb Art & Design per her website She published several books: “Il Signor Arcobaleno” and “Jorinde&Joringel “, “I Fioretti di San Francesco” (Messaggero Padova), “Il Popolo di Re Leone” ( Autocircuito edition) “Il libro dei sogni” (Coccole e Caccole) and “Un’estate per giocare” (Pearson). She worked on the customization of illustrated projects for associations like Telefono Arcobaleno Onlus, Celim, Terres des Hommes and Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research.