Town of Suzzara

Stemma della Città di Suzzara
Blason de la Ville de Suzzara

Town of Suzzara

The town of Suzzara supports and promotes the serenity of children inside the community with initiatives in favour of the education, the development, the life-style. It works to find creative solutions to defend and reinforce the growth of children and teens with responsability and respect.

Through the project "A village to raise a child", the Municipality promotes actions of prevention for children and teens so that they can get places and relationships in a situation of social inclusion encouraging the learning of languages and realities from different cultures at the same time. 

La Ville de Suzzara The town of Suzzara puts value on the No-profit's activity, sharing the same values and working with associations for the same goals. 

Comune di Suzzara
Piazza Castello 1
46029 Suzzara (MN)
Tel: 0376 5131


Adhesion 2016-10-05

Bandiera di Diritti a Colori
Giovanni Malagutti (President of Fondazione Malagutti onlus) 
Ivan Ongari (Mayor of Suzzara)
Aleesandro Guastalli (Assessor of Suzzara)
Raffaella Zaldini (Assessor of Suzzara)

Tuesday, May 10 2016 - Suzzara (MN)

Mayor of Suzzara, Ivan Ongari, has signed the Manifesto of International Movement for the Respect of the rights of the Child with the President of Fondazione Malagutti onlus, Giovanni Malagutti. 

Joining the Network, the Town of Suzzara engages itself to realize events and actions aimed to support the growth, the education and the rights of children to promote the importance of a healthly and balanced development. 


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