Municipality of Melissa

Comune di Melissa (KR)

Melissa is a feudal village in the province of Crotone. Its name and its official badge remind the Hellenic origins (from greek etymology “Melissa” means bee, honey). The Municipality of Melissa engages itself to create social, cultural and recreational situations for its citizens that can be positive both for adult and children.

Municipality of Melissa
Via Provinciale 1
Calabria - Italie

Adhesion 06/07/2012

Sindaco di Melissa Gino Murgi e presidente Fondazione Malagutti onlus Giovanni Malagutti
Maire de di Melissa Gino Murgi et président
Fondazione Malagutti onlus Giovanni Malagutti


Friday July 6 2012 - Melissa

Gino Murgi (Mayor of Melissa) subscribed the Manifesto of International Movement for the Respect of Children’s Rights underling the importance to approach children, school and citizens to children’s rights theme.


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