Cirò Marina

Comune di Cirò Marina

Cirò Marina is in the Province of Crotone. Its celebrity is due to the tangerine production and to the beauyt of its territory that makes it a famous touristic destination.

The town is always engaged to sustain and defend children’s rights.

Comune di Cirò Marina
Piazza Kennedy
Cirò Marina (KR)
Calabria - Italia



Comune di Cirò

Cirò is in the province of Crotone, famous for being the hometown of Luigi Lilio, the Gregorian calendar reformer. Town is hardly engaged in initiatives for cultural promotion as a cure against criminal phenomenon.

Comune di Cirò
Corso Luigi Lilio 2
Cirò (KR) - Calabria - Italia

Adhesion 06/07/2012

Il sindaco di Cirò Mario Caruso e il presidente di Fondazione Malagutti onlus dr. Giovanni Malagutti
Mayro of Cirò Mario Caruso and thepresident
of Fondazione Malagutti onlus  Giovanni Malagutti

Friday, July 6 2012 - Cirò (KR)

Mayor Mario Caruso signes the Manifesto of International Movement for the Respect of Children’s Rights as a proof of Cirò’s engage toward the defense of childhood rights and the education of new generations.


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