Bikers Against Child Abuse

B.A.C.A. Italy Onlus - Bikers Against Child Abuse

Bikers Against Child Abuse

BACA Italy onlus is in 52 countries in the world.
Baca Italy doesn’t want to impose but it wants to propose itself to social services, institutions and police, in order to make his engagement available.
Having the willingness to reach their predefined purposes, Baca aims at: organizing and promoting projects on the information of abuses on minors. They want to do it through conferences, conventions and through the participation of psychologists, educators, social assistants, and police members. Baca aims at collaborating with public and private structures whose work is addressed to abused children and teens.
Baca wants to realize initiatives addressed to the gathering of funds in order to sustain those structures which welcome abused minors and children.
All these actions are part of a wider goal which wants to sensitize institutions and public opinion on the theme of abuses in order to sustain children who were abused. 

Furthermore, it is possible to help these children in living without fear
and to develop  safer conditions of life and growth.



The action - 2014

I BACA consegnano il premio alla bambina di Olfino
Premiazione della bambina

Sunday July 2nd 2013

During the event “Buttati che è morbido!”  B.A.C.A. Italy Onlus gave a prize to a child from Olfino.

The action has been simbolically given to "Colourful Rights" for the International Movement for the respect of the Rights of the Child


Adhesion 01-07-2012

Presidente di B.A.C.A. Italy Carlo 'Papy' Zametta e il Presidente della Fondazione Malagutti onlus Giovanni Malagutti
B.A.C.A. President Italy Carlo 'Papy' Zametta and
Fondazione Malagutti onlus President  Giovanni Malagutti

Sunday, July 1 2012 - Monzambano (MN)

On Sunday, July 1st, Carlo Papy Zametta (BACA President) and Giovanni Malagutti (Fondazione Malagutti onlus President) have signed “Colourful Rights” Network.  Baca are already operating in children defense and protection, so they reaffirmed their engagement for childhood by signing the Manifesto of International Movement for the Respect of Children Rights. Adhesion took place during the big party for children “Buttati che è morbido”, in Olfino (Monzambano, Mantua-Italy)



The action

 BACA are giving the prime to the child from Olfino
Premiazione della bambina

Sunday July 2nd 2013

During the event “Buttati che è morbido!” realized their action of Colourful Rights Network

Bikers gave the bicycle to the child and the Major of Monzambano underlined the importante of the right to play

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