ACAMS- Associated Artists and Musicians

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ACAMS- Associated Artists and Musicians promotes, develops and spreads music culture all over the world.
It started a project about an unique register of Artists and Musicians who can spread their arts by a reciprocal interaction.

It works in different fields: Peinture, Culture, Poetry, Music, Dance, Theatre, Cinema, Artistic Sport.

It offers: Music School and Workshop of Training, Research and Production in Artistic and Musical Fields.

Via Tacito, 3
92029 Ravanusa (AG)

Adhesion 11-09-2013

Firma del Manifesto

Wednesday, September 11 2013 - Ravanusa (AG)

On Wednesday September 11, ACAMS - Artists and Musicians joined "Colourful Rights" network. The delegate Andrea Tricoli signed the Manifesto with the responsability to realize a posive action for the children of his area.

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