6th International Illustration Competition We are the future

Fondazione Malagutti onlus, in partnership with Associazione Illustratori and Red Publishing, promotes the 6th International Illustration Competition, entitled: “We are the future”, whose aim is to promote and publicize the Manifesto about “International Movement for the respect of the Rights of the Child”.

The project was introduced Tuesday, 26th March 2013 at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair (Bologna Fair, pavillon n° 25,/stand A181). The competition “We are the future” presents different purposes: it wants to involve Italian and foreign illustrators in doing their illustration as a way to appreciate their sensitiveness, but, particularly, this competition aims at focus the attention on the respect of the rights of the Child.

The artist-winning the competition will be awarded a cash prize of € 1200,00 and his/her illustration will be the official image for posters and participation form concerning the 13th edition 2014 of International Drawing Competition, a competition addressed to children from 3 to 14, living all over the world. Furthermore the illustrator will receive a free copy of the workbook.
The second-place contestant will receive € 500,00 and a free copy of the workbook.
Then for all the participants a discount of 50% on the publications realized by Italian Association of Illustrators.
All the illustrations participating at the competition will be on display during an exposition taking place in a prestigious location here in Mantova and the winners will be awarded during the inauguration of the exhibition.

At the end of competition a panel will select the worthiest works between those donated to Fondazione Malagutti onlus for the publication of a workbook. These works will be on display for the selection of the Competition and they could be exposed also in other famous locations In Italy and abroad.

Fondazione Malagutti onlus welcomes abandoned, abused or raped children and teens. It promotes actions and projects aimed at the prevention of uneasy situations, the care of health, the education training of minors. www.fondazionemalagutti.onlus.it

Associazione Illustratori promotes events for a wider knowledge of Italian illustration. It is a member of European Illustration Forum (EIF) which gathers all the main associations of illustrators in Europe. www.associazioneillustratori.it

Red Publishing specializes in publishing and selling graphics and design books all over the world. The books they deal with are so-called “illustration books” and present a great variety of topics, covering graphics at international level. www.redonline.it

“Diritti a Colori” (Colourful Rights) is a project by FONDAZIONE MALAGUTTI onlus and it aims at promoting children ‘s rights, according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child signed on 20th November 1989, Universal Children’s Day. Its purpose is to support individually and/or collectively projects regarding the promotion of the rights of children as to their health and mental development. www.dirittiacolori.it

Deadline of the competition: June 30 2013
Call for entries and registration: www.dirittiacolori.it/en/competitions_illustrations_vi_rules
Further information: info@dirittiacolori.it