1st PRESS RELASE - 9th Edition -2010


9th Edition -2010
International Drawing Competition “Colourful Rights”
July - November 14th 2010

Fondazione Malagutti onlus, in co-operation with its Communities for Minors, presents the 9th Edition of the International Drawing Competition “Colourful Rights”.

This initiative is inspired by the “Convention on the Right of the Child”, approved by UN Assembly on 20th November 1989; date declared: Universal Day of Childhood.

The purpose of this edition is to remind the “Right to Health” (Articles 24, 25 Convention on the Rights of the Child).
Right to health is one of the most important right for people.
Every children should have access to such care services; we hope this message could joint especially those countries where there aren’t any information, prevention and care services
Children should enjoy of the highest attainable standard of physical or mental health.
Right to health and to life must be safeguarded in order to assure children a respectful life.

Competition is aimed to all children from 3 to 14 years of age who will be able to express their creativity freely, drawing with any kind of size, theme and method.
Volunteers and Humanitarian Delegations will spread the competition all over the world, paying particular attention to those country plagued by the war.

Colourful Rights co-operates with Police for Communication to spread information about the dangers children could find on the web. Its mission includes the fight against online pornography by a continuous attention on discovering web sites which could be a danger for minors.

The promotional material of Drawing Competition (posters and participation forms) will be printed in four languages: Italian, English, French and German in order to spread this initiative all over the world.
From the web site www.dirittiacolori.it you can download the participation form in these following languages: Arabic, Standard Mandarin, Germany, Hindi, Moldavan, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

The image appearing on promotional material has been realized by Paolo Rui, an illustrator from Milan who won with her drawing “Big Friendly Giant” the 2nd  International Illustrator Competition “Below the line” organized by Fondazione Malagutti onlus in co-operation with Association of Illustrators.

International Drawing Competition “Colourful Rights” got:
- the Acknowledgement of the President of Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano
- the patronage of the President of Region Lombardy
- the agreement of Ministry of Interior, Department for Youth, Department for equal opportunities, Unicef, Italian Red Cross, Garant for Childhood, Municipality of Mantua, Children City, Child Friendly Cities, Municipality of Curtatone, Province of Mantua, C.I.S.M.A.I (Italian co-ordination against childhood maltreatment and abuse), FIMP (The Italia Federation of Paediatricians), Italian Police of Communication.

We thanks for the prizes and collaborations kindly offered:
Alcenero&Mielizia, Alfaomega, Algor Elettronica, Associazione Illustratori, Atala, Baby Bazar, Bottoli schiacciatine, Cartotecnica Favini, Centroscuola, Faiplast Action Sport, Fondazione Comunità Mantovana onlus, F.I.L.A, Gazzetta di Mantova, Giochi Preziosi, Haribo, La Calcio Balilla Sport, La Feltrinelli, Linea Ottica, Mantovabanca 1896, Mattel, Pallino & Co., Peg Perego, Poliespanso,Radio Bruno, Radio Pico, Roberto Sport, Stabilo Italia, Tea, Toys Center.

“Colourful Rights” is not only a drawing competition, but a big box containing all actions and activities all aimed by the same purpose: the protection of the Right of the Child.

The final award ceremony will be on Sunday 14th November at Palabam in Mantua.
First absolute prize is a holiday for three people in a European resort (it can be turned in goods of the same value if won by children from troubled countries) and the acknowledgement of the President of Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano.

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